Prediction is the basis to develop an strong business and the best decition making strategy.

With quality data, appropriate technologies and adequate analysis, it is possible to detect behavior patterns, avoid those that are negative for the business and favor those that are aligned with the business objectives.


The productive processes are being digitized and generate a large amount of data. With our AI services and data analysis we help you have more opportunities to be productive and reach the customer in a new way.

Artificial Intelligence

We can provide you the development of AI software according to your needs. With artificial intelligence, the everyday is easier, the chances of error are almost zero, you get more precision and decisions can be made faster..

Data Mining

Extracting meaningful information from large databases, useful information that reveals trends and correlations to enable you to make predictions and solve business problems is a challenge in which we can help you.

Machine Learning

In Mototech we develop systems that learn in an automated way. Identify complex patterns in millions of data and behavior predictions, using an algorithm. Also, over time, they can improve independently.

Data Science

With the data science service we can extract knowledge from the data. Using statistics, mathematics and programming to give order and interpret them in the correct way. The process includes data collection, processing, determination of behavior patterns and application.

Machine Learning


In order that your project should be successful, we take care of understanding the business problem, the environment and how to take it to production to be able to monitor its performance. The steps for development are:

Context analysis: We understand the problem and its context. We observe what data are available and at what point estimates are necessary.

Monitoring and re-training: The last stage consists of monitoring the performance of the model and automating the re-training.

Data exploration: Analysis of the data to find correlations, identify problems in the data and determine the most relevant variables.

Determination of the model: With the organized data you can identify the most appropriate model. At this stage, the model is chosen and configured until the best results are obtained.

Go to production:  When the model is tested and it works to solve the problem, it is released to production to be used.


With Artificial Intelligence you can change the way you work and do business, improving each area of ​​the company.

Customer service

Processing and analyzing customer data from the first contact and thus obtain information on how to serve them. Being present on popular instant messaging platforms and integrating support.

Information and Security

Managing databases with information from the entire operating cycle and evaluating compliance. As for security, detecting and preventing any type of threat.

Administration and Finance

Scheduling the calendar and gathering information that helps decision making. 

Automating processes and making predictions based on business information. 

Having greater precision in the development of new products.

Human Resources

Favoring  the recruitment process, automating the tasks of evaluation, assignment and location of candidates.

Marketing and sales

Greater visibility of the business by finding the best audience for each ad, within several platforms, optimizing them.

Your change start with Mototech