Prediction is the basis to develop a strong business and the best decision making strategy.

With quality data, appropriate technologies and adequate analysis, it is possible to detect behavior patterns, to avoid those that are negative for the business and to favor those that are aligned with the business objectives.

Artificial Intelligence

We can provide you with the development of AI software according to your needs. With artificial intelligence, the everyday is easier, the chances of error are almost zero, you get more precision and decisions can be made faster..

Data Mining

Extracting meaningful information from large databases, useful information that reveals trends and correlations to enable you to make predictions and solve business problems is a challenge in which we can help you.

Machine Learning

In Mototech we develop systems that learn in an automated way. Identify complex patterns in millions of data and behavior predictions, using an algorithm. Also, over time, they can improve independently.

Data Science

With the data science service we can extract knowledge from the data. Using statistics, mathematics and programming to give order and interpret them in the correct way. The process includes data collection, processing, determination of behavior patterns and application.

Augmented Capabilities

Let’s Build Better. Together.

We work to empower companies and organizations through Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and an amazing set of new technologies that allow you to rethink each sector of your company with a new approach, adding value where there was none before.

Augmented Capabilities

A new improved reality for your business

We are a strategic partner that can help you discover how your organization can evolve thanks to a set of accelerators that embrace technology to unlock the full potential of your company.


Technology is at the core of every successful organization today. Creating a new path into the future means combining the power of new technologies and data to build state-of-the-art capabilities. With Artificial Intelligence you can change the way you work and do business, improving each area of ​​the company.

Customer Service

Processing and analyzing customer data from the first contact and thus obtain information on how to serve them. Being present on popular instant messaging platforms and integrating support.

Marketing & Sales

Greater visibility of the business by finding the best audience for each ad, within several platforms, optimizing them.

Human Resources

Favoring  the recruitment process, automating the tasks of evaluation, assignment and location of candidates.

Information & Security

Managing databases with information from the entire operating cycle and evaluating compliance. As for security, detecting and preventing any type of threat.

Administration & Finances

Scheduling the calendar and gathering information that helps decision making. Automating processes and making predictions based on business information. Having greater precision in the development of new products.

Lead the way of digital transformation

From Data to Insights

Smart Data Analytics

Mototech provides solutions that empower you to solve your most complex problems today and capitalize on tomorrow’s opportunities.

Depending on the area of Data Science we’re working on, we know the best combination of storage, process and analytics tools to get the best insights at your fingertips.

Building Smart Decisions

Data is the heart of your business however Quality Data is the brain for every strategic decision you make.


Consultancy. Solution design. Delivery of results.

The Mototech Group provides leading edge Big Data Analytics (BDA) and OnDemand Technology Services with offices in the US and Argentina.

For more than 15 years we have assisted our clients with end-to-end solutions to leverage analytics for data-driven decision making.

Diagnostic Analytics

Why did it happen?

Enables you to quickly understand the causes of events and behaviors to answer critical workforce questions. We apply techniques such as data discovery, data mining, drill-down and correlations.

Distributed Processing

Pushing the limits of large datasets

Develops scalable analytics algorithms based on distributed processing in memory for analyzing large scale datasets.

Predictive Analytics

What will happen?

Patterns found in your historical and transactional data can be used to identify risks and opportunities for future decisions using many techniques from data mining, statistics, modeling, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Data Visualization

Complex questions, Fast answers

Seeing your data from a different point of view using charts or graphs to visualize large amounts of complex data is easier than poring over spreadsheets or reports.

Prescriptive analytics

How can we make it happen?

Building upon the diagnostic and predictive analytics, neural networks and heuristics are applied to the data to recommend the best-possible actions that drive desired outcomes.

Complex Events Processing

Analyze patterns in real-time

Combines data from multiple sources to understand events or patterns that help you understand more difficult circumstances beyond analyzing the data separately from each source.