Cognitive data extraction

Data is one of the strategic assets that organizations have, hence processing it properly translates into new competitive advantages.

We know how to process data and we want to help you

Show us what information you need to extract from your documents and we’ll design a streamlined process for intelligent recognition, data validation and integration into your business.

Digital transformation

Optimize digital processes to the maximum by adding intelligence through the recognition, extraction and validation of your data.

No templates

We train models with machine learning to extract and validate information from documents with various formats. Do not depend on the definition of templates.

Continuous improvement

Training with new data and improvements in the algorithms developed by our scientists translate into continuous cognitive progress.

We extract and analyze your business information to present it in a format capable of being digitally processed and give value to data that was previously lost or whose extraction was very expensive.

Using Artificial Intelligence, our team builds neural networks capable of understanding the structure and semantics of the information contained in different types of documents.

  • Entity Recognition
  • Natural language processing
  • Optical character recognition
  • Document classification

Our work team has extensive experience in data processing and we are continually innovating in solutions with artificial intelligence that allow us to optimize the use of information in the key processes of any organization.

When we say we can extract your data. We mean it.

We only need to do a survey to determine what type of document needs to be processed, what entities need to be extracted, where these documents will be located and what will be the destination of the extracted entities.

To facilitate the process, Mototech has developed pre-trained Tryny models for processing invoices and corporate bylaws. However, we recommend that the client make available at least 1000 documents of the same type but variety of models, and our team performs the labeling and training at no additional cost.

What is the process that Tryni follows?

concetores de entrada
01. Input Connectors

Tryni receives the documents through any of the available features, either manually through the platform or with universally known integrations such as Dropbox, Google Drive or Gmail. If you require a custom connector, we will gladly analyze your need.

reconocimiento inteligente
02. Smart Recognition

All documents that enter the platform are processed through artificial intelligence models to extract their entities.

The models are unique per type of document, that is, if a client wishes to recognize entities in invoices, it will use a model shared by all clients that need to extract entities from invoices

validación de datos
03. Validation of the extracted data

Tryni has a validation interface in which all the extracted entities are displayed in a form, offering the user the possibility of editing those fields with incorrect values.

Tryni can also define which data must be manually validated according to the scoring given by the neural networks to each of the extracted entities.

concetores de entrada
04. Exporting Extracted Entities

Entities that are in a validated state can be exported manually or automatically depending on the selected integration in a variety of formats including: Excel, CSV, Json, or XML. We can also develop a custom integration using the Tryni API to request the extracted entities or set up a callback URL for Tryni to export the extracted entities and store them in a database, go through a validation process, or give it the destination you want. you decide

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